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That's what I'm getting at Scott. Those are just the felons that can't vote. And as we all know, its a helluva lot easier to get back voting rights than firearms rights. Most states don't even maintain the disenfranchisement once the felon is released from any sentencing (i.e. Work Release/group home parole, etc.) The ones that do seem to have a 5x to 10x ratio. Even if we just double the 5 million in the list, that's nearly 12 million felons, but only 750K active records. While the top category does imply the records are those who applied and failed- why else would NICS know about so many illegal aliens- Shouldn't every felon be in the database by default?

Did some more poking around... Govt report of the NICS system shows "over 1.9 million" denials since inception through 2009. That's far below the total number of records there.

I think this is our argument- "What the hell are we doing tilting at windmills over rifles that aren't used in crimes, when more than 4 out of 5 felons can lie in a gun store and buy a gun?"
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