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I have a Del-Ton echo 316 And its one of my favorite ARs I own . I also used a Del-Ton rifle kit to help build another one . They both work great . Both are heavy barreled but one has a 1-7 chrome lined barrel the other is 1-9 and not chrome lined .

The complete rifle came with a FCG problem . On slow trigger release the gun would burp out 4 round burst . I sent it back and they replaced the disconnect and hammer . I have just under 1k rounds through them both with really no problems other then the FCG issue the was taken care of very fast .

Del-Ton's CS was great and I could not be happier with there products .

EDIT: that was a good review and that gun is the same one I have but mines the MOE dark earth
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If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed

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