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I own a 110BA in .338 LM, it will perform at 1,000 plus meters very well,even to a mile. That will give some room to grow into it. The ammo can be really pricey, but Sellier&Bellot offer some that is less expensive, but still well made. At 30 USD for 10 rds, it'll save you money if you like to shoot factory. Remington ammo can cost upwards of 125 USD for 20 rds. Hand loading is your friend.
The Rifle is great, the quality is excellent, the trigger is beautiful, and adjustable. with the muzzle brake, and the weight, which with scope will get near 19 lbs, the recoil is not difficult to manage, but wear some layers on your firing shoulder to prevent the odd bruise. Its best to fire from a shooting bag or good sturdy Bi-Pod. You'll love this Rifle, and forget the money you spent on it. The 110 has the 20 MOA scope rail for long range, the 10 has a zero MOA rail for urban sniping applications (police stuff) The pics are the first time out with it, left. 2 shot from boresight @ 50 yds. Right pic, 3 shot @ 100 yds. I will admit that after firing 10 rounds my shoulder was getting tired.
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