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@Coz, not sure what to make of your first line, sounds like you agreed that there is no reason not to get a turret as a second press, then go on to describe issues with said thoughts. Please clarify.
Its a tough one because, I have loaded thousands of rounds with my Turret press. I still use it every week.
Having a 2nd turret certainly will not hurt a bit, And I do not want to come off as if I would not recommend one.

As a second press though... Not so sure having two of the exact same machines is taking advantage of the opportunity presented.
It is really nice having both. I find there are some jobs that go real smooth on the turret and others I enjoy doing on the single stage.
Example for me is resizing 308 military brass. I can do it on the turret, but it complains about it.
Doing them on my Classic Cast is a much smoother operation.

I like my turret press and would get another, but I would never trade my single stage for one.

if that makes sense?
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