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My 2 cents worth;

The words "Sniper-Rifle" (in that order) are just a marketing strategy.

Snipers use rifles. There is such a thing as a sniper's rifle, but "sniper rifles" are like "assault wallets" and "assault boots" "tactical shirts" and so on.

In my day the USMC M-40 was just a plane jane version of a Remington M700 short action in 308, and it mounted a plane jane version of the Redfield Accu-Trac scope. Marine snipers used them, but they were "M-40s", not "Sniper rifles".

Hathcock used a standard M-70 Winchester bull gun

The most successful rifle in the history of sniping is the Mosin Nagant. Some of the bst snipers used them with Iron sighs only and they were just infantry issue rifles.

The Germans used a refined GEW M-98 Mauser in WW1 and WW2, and the same action, stock and barrels were used on other rifles including those sold to civilians.

A good sniper can use any rifle to its best advantage.
Buying a "Sniper Rifle" no more makes you a sniper than buying a guitar makes you a rock star.

Any accurate rifle can be a snipers rifle. Some have more range and accuracy than others, but it’s still 99% up to the man, not what he’s shooting.
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