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Any perceived advantage you might think your autoloader affords you is just that, perceived.
Perception is based on training and experience, who mentioned an autoloader?

Mindset, situational awareness, weapon proficiency and staying cool under pressure are all VASTLY more important than your chosen equipment.

If you think your autoloader gives you an advantage for the first five or six shots, just because it's an autoloader with higher capacity, you would be gravely mistaken.
Its the Indian, not the bow.

Most people who carry J-Frames do not carry a speed loader, maybe speed strips, but either way the reload probably won't be that fast, and you have 5 rounds of 38's, vs 5 or six rounds of 45's to to get the job done.
I am not most people, my J frame is a BUG and it is a 357 magnum that loads with moon clips, and I can load it pretty darn fast.

So to tell you the truth, I would not feel like I was at much of a disavantage with a large caliber singleaction against a Wonder 9, under most realistic confrontations I can dream up, while carrying CCW
I don't carry a wonder nine and never alluded to, never assume.

As a poster noted earlier, most of the naysayers are casting the issue through their own (nonexistent) proficiency with a single action revolver.
Actually I am quite proficient with single action revolvers, having been shooting them for over 40 years and actually competing in CAS for several years. There again, never assume.

My current carry piece in my 629 PC.
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