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Depending on the loads that I'm shooting, I generally perceive little more muzzle flip with factory loads on the G23 (40 S&W) over the G30SF (45 ACP). However, this does not deter me from grabbing my G23 for the range or HD. I just don't find the slight difference in perceived recoil in making my decision on grabbing either the G23 or G30SF. Although, my wife prefers the G23 over the G30SF. She tells me that the G30SF pushes into her shoulders and she doesn't like it. She says that the grip on the G30 is too fat for her hands. (Weaver...Modified Weaver...Isosceles Triangle...In-Line Grip...Offset Grip...Thumbs Forward Grip...Thumbs Locked Down Grip, I'm not a trainer and I have been married for 28 years and I learned a long time ago not to mess with her shooting style or her wishes.)
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