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A lot of that comes down to individual tastes. If they are only issuing one model, then they missed the most important part of the shootability package: the shooter. Personally, for instance, I do not care for the feel or pointability of Sig's very high quality products. Ditto the old SA/DA Smiths. I can learn 'em, but they are not instinctive...
...but give me a P-35, or the XD whose grip frame was inspired by it, and I can make it sing.
So, now that we've left out the shooter, we can get down to picking a cartridge. For use in a crowd, and always indoors, and possibly in the dark, I cannot imagine a worse choice than a .357, whether magnum OR Sig. Throwing out overpenetration, which could happen with any cartridge in a crowd, you still have blast & flash which are substantial with the Sig round.
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