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This has been mentioned several times but is a very broad statement. Regardless of your type of hunting (small plots, big woods, farms, and so on) getting to know your area and the deer you're hunting is in my opinion is the jump off point for new hunters.

Technology such as trail cameras are great but really show the small picture of what's happening in a very small area. I think new hunters need to put their time in the field. Walking property or glassing to see where and when deer are moving and why are so important. Where are the bedding areas? Where are the food sources? Where are the escape routes when the [schtuff] hits the fan?

After you have a general idea of whats going on then pin point areas that have the most predominant deer sign.

As, others have mentioned there is a ton of information that you can get from books, videos, and the internet but, nothing promotes woodsmanship better than being in the woods.
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