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Thank you, newfrontier,

As a poster noted earlier, most of the naysayers are casting the issue through their own (nonexistent) proficiency with a single action revolver. Why micturate on another gun owner's choice of weapon? Perhaps we're well advised to suggest that sunaj (the OP) find a different firearm, if any (he's from California, after all), and leave the fanning on the back lot.

Newfrontier rightly notes situational awareness and mindset are key. An extreme example: A gentleman open carrying a replica Remington 1875 with a 7 1/2 barrel found himself in a rather Hollywoodesque shootout in a Stop-n-Rob in Richmond, Virginia four years ago. He prevailed despite breaking the trigger of his weapon diving for cover. In fact, he ended up hand-to-hand, pistol-whipping the robber, who had already shot the store's owner twice. The point being, this guy was ready to fight. Oh, and no one, not even the hardened criminals, noticed his openly carried SA revolver.

Go with what you know, baby!
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