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I just finished reading a thread over at the TMA forum and this is not the first time I've heard or read of those who have had accidental discharges (chain fire) with a BP revolver, and it HAPPENED FROM PINCHED CAPS THAT FELL OFF THE NIPPLE END of the revolver.

This is a quote from a TMA State Rep. who not only uses a lubed (over the powder) wad, but uses over the ball grease as well.

I believe this accident occured, not from the front of the cylinder(its a tight lead seal, Wonder Wad and grease over the ball) but rather from a cap adjacent to the fired cylinder falling off and lighting that cylnder along with the one the hammer hits. I can't stress enough the use of a proper fitting cap and ball. I once had a .36 cal misfire and the pressure from the cap pushed the loose(my bad) ball into the forcing cone. I don't know why I didn't cock and fire another round, but my guardian angel was looking out for me that day and I took the pistol apart and found the ball in the barrel. Make sure your caps are tight and your head is screwed on straight as with all firearms.
I believe the lesson here is "never say never" and it's ALWAYS better to err on the side of caution.

This is why I will never pinch a cap.

Do it right men,

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