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Any experienced opinions pro or con with the Mossberg 4X4 in 25-06?
I have the exact one you mentioned that I bought new 3 years ago. I cussed and fussed with the darn thing till I found a good bullet for it (Berger 115 VLD). It was on the bottom of my shooting list for a while, and now it's one of my favorite rifle to shoot.

- Comes with muzzle brake and fluted barrel, not needed for a 25-06, but looks different than other sub-$450 rifles
- Adjustable trigger, very similar to Savage, TC, Marlin, and Remington
- Hardly any recoil due to muzzle brake, good recoil pad, and small caliber

- Comes with muzzle brake, people looks and points at the wimp shooting a 25-06 with a muzzle brake
- Darn noisy with that muzzle brake....people at range asked if it's a magnum or something bigger than 25-06
- Plastic stock feels cheaper than competitors

Would I buy it again? Probably not new, but definitely in the used market. There are too many good sub $500 rifles on the market right now.
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