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From Rainier's Web Site.
I know they have that statement on website, I guess I just don't know enough as how to relate that to other load data given for different types of bullets.

Gadawg88 VV load guide (available on their website) has the following:

200 LSWC Intercast N320, 4.7 gn min 888 fps, 5.1 gn max 958 fps

200 FMJ CT Hornady N320, 5.0 gn min 855 fps, 5.4 gn max 928 fps Recommend you verify yourself as safe practice from their site.

Neither of these gives you an exact match,but itshould let you geta safestarting point. Get your COL by doing a plunk test. Google it if you are not familiar with the term.

I use 5.1 gn N320 under a 230 gn FMJ FN for what its worth.

So it seems like 4.9-5.0 would be a good place to start with the 200 gr RN. For the 9mm i load I run every case through the case gage after sizing/depriming, and then again after the final crimp. All go right in and fall right out, same with the barrel itself. Maybe I'm going overboard w/the checks.

Thanks for the info everyone.
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