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Originally Posted by Colorado Redneck
This paranoia effect is amazing, as most of the fear is irrational. Makes ya wonder how irrational some amongst us would be if there was a real threat.
You might what to tell that to the people of NY, California, Origin, Colorado, etc. etc. Do you know Magpul is pulling out of Colorado because of the recent people control bill that passed? It's happening right in front of you. Do you have any idea what Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer and etc. etc. are up to in congress? Do you know that Barry will sing any people control bill that hits his desk? People aren't paranoid they see what is happening across the country. It's not paranoia when one can actually see it happening. Anyone that can't see it is either blind or stupid.

It's not happening in my state but it just happend in yours.

Anyone that talks of burring firearms is an idiot. If it's time to bury them it's time to use them.
Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!

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