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Gunsmithing Schools and Job Outlook

Was just curious if anyone knows of reputable schools on the west coast to obtain gunsmithing certs/licensing. The goal is to obtain an FFL and put a machine shop together to just do repair work and custom work to start, eventually would like to start a business but that will be a few years down the road.

I know of the NRA programs, the closest one to me being Lassen Community College down in Susanville, CA. Another one is up in Montana, but that is about it.

Thoughts/advice? What is the job outlook like in this field? Money isn't an issue when it comes to paying for courses and machinery/an FFL. I have most if not all of the handtools I would need, though I always end up finding something new at the monthly gun shows. I really don't understand the whole "tactical" craze, I own an AR and other weapons that can be classified as "tactical" and can definitely work on them as they seem to be money makers right now. But I would really like to focus on C&R firearms.

Any input would be appreciated.

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