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Finding Deer - Going with what I have learned hunting around here and others hunting this area, They like the highest elevation they can find in this stretch of woods. On most days during deer season, one can walk out to this high point, sit in a stand for a couple of hours and see deer. This spot has been a sort of generational breeding ground. Walking around there are game trails. Look for fresh tracks, tree scrapes, patches of scraped up ground and any other deer sign.

I prefer to hunt when the wind is low, when the wind is up they like to go to low points and the gullies through the property to get out of the wind. Usually though, we have pretty mild wind.

Look for large stands of hardwood trees, learn to identify white and red oak trees. Earlier in the season they prefer white oak acorns, and later into the colder months they forage on around the red oaks. On the topic of where to put a stand. A good section of white and red oak trees on the top of a hill is where I would try to put a stand. Would also consider briar patches in this stand of trees to be a positive as the deer actually eat and use it for cover. Has some frustrating experiences approaching a stand amongst a briar patch in the morning and got busted about 4 times approaching the stand in the morning.

Try to know the area you are hunting, the more you can scout the better your situation will be.

One of the most important things is learning to be patient and to sit very very still. If you are hunting in thick woods like we have here in Georgia, hunting with your ears is as important if not more important than hunting with your eyes. Deer are quiet, but I can usually hear them before I see them. As you sit in the woods, close your eyes and just listen. Take in the multitude of sounds, take note of what makes each sounds. It takes a discerning ear to distinguish a brown thrasher tossing dry leaves around apart from a squirrel digging through leaves for acorns or from a deer walking on the leaves. The deer is usually a lot more subtle than the first two mentioned but they all make noise and you will usually hear them all before you will see them.
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