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That's where I'm at also, as the good Captain stated, Topo maps of area to be hunted, also contact Fish and Game, DNR, etc. in state of hunt and ask them where the best prospects are for your desired game.
Now we're all set we have a map and an understanding of where the densest herd of game is in the state (where you want to hunt), Scouting the area should be a main focus not only a week or two before the hunt but literally months, I'm looking for Escape Routes, usually its a low place in an adjoining property or different terrain that funnels animals a certain way... Then scout those at all times of the day to find the sweet spot in the day.

Mostly the funnest part is the adrenalin rush from actually seeing the game your hunting, try focusing on that point in the back of your mind for a while.
Shooting technique should be sharp whereas you will be able to ( at any position) hit within MOA of your desired target, be it a shoulder blade or just behind the shoulder for a vital hit on game. My #2 son says keep your knife razor sharp, cause if you hunt like we do you'll need it.
Thanks for coming!
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