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Same here on the powders

I am back to reloading after 25 year hiatus and some of my powders date back to the 70s and early 80s.

Some of very small quantities I am not going to use I put on the lawn (well the snow and it will go to the lawn come spring!).

I have been using the Unique (cardboard can with plastic snap out stopper just like yours) and the 2400. All clean appearance and no smell.

Shortage of powder and cam across a like new metal can of 4831 in reloading stuff my brother gave me! Yippee and thats $30 if you can get it.

Also have some of the square metal cans (AL8) and PB in the rectangular metal cans. I move it into the cardboard (consolidate two Unique cans into one) or the plastic containers as I free them up (remove label and put the right one on it of course)

Some chance the metal ones will get corrosion and none on the plastic, cardboard has the metal ring....... really a precaution as I have had neither.

My other brother did find some old powder that did have discoloration and used it and got some wild results and then pitched it. I think his was in a metal can. So look carefully and smell, but if it passes those tests it should be good

Alaska is a good place to keep powder as well and it does not get nearly as hot as Wyoming in the summer!

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