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Thanks for the reply Brian. My cases are sized properly. At least it works for me and everything seems ok. I have just enough spacing at the bullet end of the cases to push the bullet in just barly and then the dies seat the bullet perfectly. Also, the bullets are crimped at the ring nearest the outer part. Sorry, don't know the term for the little fellow. I will try to learn it. However, the new bullets are smaller in diam. apparently, as they will slide with just a little tap on the bullet. The old bullets are lead with lube and the newer ones that seem smaller are of a metal alloy...shiney and of a harder metal. I too thought all bullets of the same caliber would be the same size, but ... "taint so".
My dies are RCBS .38 spl. dies, but this should not be part of the equation.
Thanks again. I will just break down and buy a set of calipers and measure it and then when I go to buy the bulk bullets, There should be no question of it fitting. Or, take a couple of cases with me to try out the fit.
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