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The irony of it all

Obama has been a great ally to arms manufacturers and munitions producers. This paranoia effect is amazing, as most of the fear is irrational. Makes ya wonder how irrational some amongst us would be if there was a real threat.

When primers started to get scarce last fall, we bought a couple thousand extra to be sure we could shoot thru the winter. We don't shoot a lot compared to many members of TFL, but still, it is an active hobby for both of us. So in that way, we became hoarders too. The "shortage" of 2008 was a lesson learned, as I had just really started some serious loading. Scrounging for supplies was enough to tick me off, especially when there was only a "rumor" that started the shortage. Still shake my head over the dire predictions that we were headed for revolution, guns would be confiscated, that we all need to have unregistered guns and bury them in the back yard in PVC pipe, in such a way that an aerial search (how the he** ever that could get done) wouldn't fine your "secret stash." Really.
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