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bazookajeff ~

Thanks so much for the kind words. Means a lot to me.

Here's the Sekrit Code Words that might help restore your damaged masculinity: "I needed to check out that site to be sure it was teaching the right things for my wife/girlfriend/female co-worker."

Also works for the book, btw. I've probably sold more books to guys than to gals, but every single one of the guys was buying it for a woman he knows.


On a more serious note, you really should not feel bad about not knowing it all to start out with. Most newer shooters these days did not grow up around guns, don't speak the language, and need a thorough intro to the basics. There's absolutely no shame in wanting or needing that kind of solid foundation -- but there's plenty of shame in needing it but being too proud to seek it out. Good for you for being smart about it. That's a sign of a strong man.

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