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FWIW, the Mosin-Nagant, action re-barreled for 6.5 x 54R...won the biathlon in the Olympics in '76 for the Soviet Union.

Granted, the actions are sloppy and crude. But it's not difficult to get a good one to shoot minute of angle (handloads of course) with the usual bedding/pillars/Timney yada yada.

Put a match barrel on it, and a good action will shoot sub-minute. These actions can be trued just like any other. Point is, it's not worth paying a smith to do it, but they are a fun DIY project.

I know mine gets some looks at the range when I'm banging a 10" gong with it at 565 yards. It's only when they see the telltale mag that they realize it's a Mosin.
Think I'm gonna chop that sucker down! I single-load at the bench, anyway.
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