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....I take it this was in jest, eh?

I have a Fraternity Brother who wears a Mossy Oak bottoms land ghillie suit, carries a shotgun that looks like something from a video game, has spent more on turkey calls and decoys than I have on my truck, and was still unsuccesful in his turkey hunting.

In talking to him about it, part of it was timing, he could never get out to hunt until late season, and even then, most of his hunting was done in less than optimal times of the day, like midday, when your average turkey is considering his midday nap, as should you.

In talking to a lot of turkey hunters around here, who report failure, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't their gear or scent, it is mainly a lack of hunting where the turkeys are. Or rather in thier cases, they were hunting where the turkeys weren't.
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