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When my Masculinity doesn't matter

I've been a gun owner for a couple years now, and when i purchased my first one my friend took me out to go shooting and taught me basically the safety rules for handling a gun, whether it be rifle, handgun, shotgun or whatever else. And man does it feel cool to shoot.

So fastforward 2 years and here I am getting a Montana State License so I can get a concealed carry permit. I Need to take a safety course to do this so i sign up for one. I am still waiting to take it, but in this short time i'm starting to realize how much i JUST DONT KNOW about firearms. I come from a family that, while not against guns at all, doesn't have and hasn't had a use for them. Never having had experience other than a VERY inadequate 1 day training in Basic Training, I find myself more and more inept than i previously thought. So i decided to look up some things, join TFL and read posts about what people have to say on guns, but even then the jargon and technical speak can get over my head sometimes.

So this is where my manhood takes the backseat and it doesn't bother me in the least. I took a look at Pax's website From what i can tell, and from a few other spots i peeked at specifically written for women, they are written with a much more basic level of explanation and very thorough in their approach. I'm finding that even though I was at a website dedicated to women, I was able to gain quite a bit of knowledge that just made better sense than other places I've visited.

So the moral of the story...When it comes to the possession and function of something as powerful as a gun, you can't let your pride get in the way of learning the RIGHT way to handle it all.

Thanks Pax
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