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.38 spcl bullets (heads)

I have been using 3-d and Hornady 148 gr. lead double and single ended w.c. that I got probably about 10-15 years ago. I recently went to my local gun shop and got some .38 / .357 bullets by ProofMark and they slid into the barrel of my shell if you tapped them and so the first one I tried when it went up to be crimped slid into the barrel and the crimp applied. I have not gotten calipers to see the diam., but what is the correct diam. for a .38 spcl bullet head? Are they different? I saw some Hornadys for .357 bullets, .357 and for .38s, .358. I guess I will have to either alter my setup for my dies, or check the diam. with calipers and get the same. I thought all would be the same diam.? Would .001 make that much of a difference?
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