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Originally Posted by elDiabloLoco
I have never shot either 204 or 22-250. How does the recoil compare to 223, 243, or 270?

I'm looking at a choice between 243 and 22-250 for some expensive plinking in the 300 to 500 yard range. Curious about the 22-250, but now also interested in 204.

Shot 243 a lot before trading for a 270 20 years ago....looking to move back to 243, but experimenting with something different might be fun.
.270 has enough recoil that many folks will find it uncomfortable after a while. Far too much recoil to see bullet impact through a scope.

.243 recoil is low enough that virtually no one will be bothered by it except the youngest of children and/or extremely small framed adults. Still too much recoil to see bullet impact except at very long range or with very heavy guns.

.22-250 has low enough recoil that no one could reasonably be bothered by it in any gun with a "normal" weight. Still too much recoil to see bullet impact except at lower-magnification and longer ranges.

.204 Ruger has virtually no recoil. In a gun with a reasonably heavy varmint scope and a bi-pod, the crosshairs barely wiggle off target even at high-magnification. Bullet impact is easy to see almost always.
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