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I have enough components to load 10,000 rounds of various calibers right now. How/why? Because I buy ahead of my demands for ammo. If that qualifies me as a hoarder, then so-be-it!

I call my self "prepared". Right now, I couldn't buy a single primer,(other than shotgun), for anything. Powder valley is out of stock on all but one primer, that's for loading berdan primed shells.

Here's a thought, be a steady, faithful customer to a local gunshop. I'm one to 2 different shops, they keep a few primers in back for their good customers, me included. I don't NEED any right now though because I bought ahead of the current madness.

They also keep a small supply of primers, powder, bullets, and brass for sale WITH a reloading press. Imagine some new reloader wanting to buy a loader, only to be told there's no primers, powder, bullets available to use with it.
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