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you ever hear the saying that shooting is mostly a mental game? well it is. If your going to agonize over missing shots your going to have problems with your shooting.

You hit on a pet peeve of mine when it comes to dealing with some of my students.

i HATE it when the shake their head and beat themselves up for missing or not coming up to the standard the rest of their class is shooting at. Its a very poor habit to get yourself into. The round is gone - get over it and work things through. you cant unring a bell and you cant change where your bullet went.

a negative attitude doesn't help a damn thing. I brief students all the time - if your screwing up and cant seem to get into the groove - holster and step away from my firing line - i don't want you shooting without your head in the right place - ammo is too expensive these days.

I shoot against a couple well known gunfighters all the time and we occasionally make friendly wagers and I win against them more often than not because both of them have the same head problem - I bet after they miss - because i know both of them have a tendency to dwell on misses especially when they are trying too hard.

If you get to a point where your not having fun - quit till you get your head on straight. Right now im teaching advance marksmanship to a crew overseas and they all know my peculiar range command sequence:

Izra'ahat - relax
Pepkanan - smile
Hazir - ready
Taka - Fire

I started this because they took their shooting waaaaay to seriously and hated missing to the point of making it personal.

lighten up have fun, think your problem through - know your fundamentals and know how to diagnose your shot group.

Dwight55 has it right - a bad day at the range is always a better than a good day at work

hmmmmm that wont work for me - I shoot for a living :-)

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