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That's not training. Then you're still open to many different options. The range is just that...the range.

If you'd like to see how it'll really be to defend yourself, take a class. Training is always the best way to see how you'll do on the move and under pressure.
I did all my shooting in target mode. When I went through the LEO test, I did extremely well (something like 22 active shooters at the academy and I was number 4 on my first run through.

Training may or may not be useful and it does cost, so you have to decide where you put both your time and money.

I have read too many accounts of where an LEO officer did not shoot well on the training course, but had the best street record. Conversely the guy who was shiny on the training course would fail miserably on the street when his time came.

The reality is you never know how well you will do if you are faced with the situation. A far better predictor is how well you do in other crisis situations in your life.

Practice as much as you can regardless of if its training or not and carry some understanding of yourself. Maximize the strengths of that experience and minimize the weaknesses.
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