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I have it and do use it. I believe I paid $30-35 for it via amazon.

It seems to be very accurate.

Its always read 100grams when i used the provided calibration weight. The powder tray is always within .1 grains when i set it on even when not warmed up completely.

I find that if I let it warm up for 20-30 seconds for the first use before putting anything on it that it will weigh the exact right weight that i expect to see on previously weighed items. Even if you don't wait it will only be .1 grains off and once you tare it you will be weighing from 0 again.

I've accurately and consistantly measured my powder weights down to 3.8 grains.

The biggest con I've read about it is the relatively short auto power off battery saver feature. I believe the until will stay on for 60 seconds after non use.

I'm using this with a progressive press so I'm not weighing every charge so that isn't a huge deal to me. (powder cop for my ap is great!)

The scale does power on and is ready to use within about 5-10 seconds.

In my opinion it is a great scale for the price. Also i've read that some florecent lights effect digital scales. This is not the case with this scale through my testing.

Let me know if you have any more questions about it.
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