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Hunting Skills

Hi guys,

For reasons of my own, I'd like to make a list of the skills a deer hunter needs & uses on a successful hunt. Obviously, being able to hit where you aim is one part of the skills you guys use, but equally obviously, that's not all there is to it (or every beginning hunter would fill the freezer on the first time out).

Specifically, I'm thinking about things such as:
  • Deer behavior (finding the deer, knowing where to set up your stand, lots more in this category)
  • Deer anatomy (knowing where to aim for clean kills)
  • Tracking skills -- incl both before & after shooting
  • Judging the distance / angle of the shot, knowing which shots to pass up
  • Field cleaning
  • How to drag the carcass out of the woods
  • How to cut up the carcass & store the meat for use

Etc, etc, etc. I'm sure there are many more I haven't thought of, since I haven't hunted since high school (and it was someone else's hunt then).

Can you help me out? What knowledge and skills help make your hunts successful?

Kathy Jackson
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