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So my conspiracy theory is that they are doing well and making a decent product, but they are funneling a massive amount of it for low bucks (or free?) to gun writers, and it's making the product seem more mainstream than I've found it to be.
Marketing a commercial product is NOT conspiracy theory. It may be a niche product, as noted, but I don't see anyone trying to make it seem commonplace, unless you also think gun writers at ranges are commonplace.

Their stuff gets used a lot, in part due to product placement (I am sure) but also because it is a good performer for accuracy testing (at least for rifles).

FYI, I am not a gun writer, but I shoot a good bit of Black Hills. I have not found it in a while, but haven't looked either. They used to have a large section of it at the local Cabelas, but I usually got mine online for cheaper.
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