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Finger placement

First I should say that I have strange hands. I have big palms, but relatively short fingers (My wife refers to them as "gorilla hands"). In addition to making it hard to find gloves that fit well, I've found that my hand shape makes for a weird ideal finger placement on the trigger.

It seems that I get the best results by placing the trigger all the way back to the first joint. If I put the trigger in the middle - as I was taught - I wind up pushing all my shots about 2" in 10yds - or more like 3-4" when I'm shooting quickly.
It's something I've been fighting for years - and was kind of hidden by a a couple other trigger issues. But I've recently been doing a lot of shooting with a double action revolver, and decided that moving my finger over is the way to go.
My groups have been tightening up a bit, and I have to spend a lot less conscious thought on keeping my groups in the middle.
Almost all of my shooting thus far has been with the one gun, so I have a lost of experimenting to do before I go all in, but my tendency is to push everything over about the same distance from .22 up to .357mag. I notice it more in SA than in DA, which leads me to believe that I'm not flinching or gripping the gun oddly.

So, anyway, I thought I'd share. Finger placement on the trigger is rarely something that's presented as a variable, but the more I look into it it seems that historically some very good shooters have had some very different positions that worked for them.

Anyone out there in the same boat? Or, anyone have any ideas as to what else my issue might be? I'd rather not develop 2 bad habits to cancel each other out.
Training isn't really an issue for me right now as money is tight, my problem is pretty subtle, and any trainer worth seeing would be a fairly long drive.
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