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I would bet I have 30lbs (or more, not really sure) of powder right now. But it's a mix of powders as I reload about 10-12 different rounds. A pound of bullseye will makeup 2,300 38special 148grain HBWC target loads. I have about 3/4 pound left so I am not out. Thought about trading some H335 or 4895 or 4350 for some. 4831 is another one I am a bit low on but not in trouble. But I can also wait. Note: I don't want to own enough bullseye to load 18,600 rounds (8lbcan) and that's why I don't buy bullseye in anything other than 1 lb jugs.

But that's a rabbit trail and not what this thread is about.

This thread is about the local gun store becoming a crack dealer to a bunch of birds that think the sky is falling. And for a serious realoader/shooter is of not much value today. And I think that's sad.

I spent every lunch hour in a LGS (that's local gun store) for many years just hanging out with the guys that I shot bench rest rifle with on weekends. When I was shooting IHMSA I had a local store that the owner was also one of these hand cannon shooters and it was fun to hang out in there also.

I hate it for the new shooters simply because we don't talk about shooting all we talk about is supply.

But I also said in the begining of this thread, I am blowing off steam here.
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