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Lucas McCain said:

"They are very accurate rifles, but beware they known to have soft steel in the bolts and lugs and have head space problems. The good ones are kept the bad ones are traded off. Be careful of used Rem pumps and autos.
Not all are bad but enough to give them a bad reputation"

Lucas, we would appreciate it if you could post a link to your 'facts'. My family has had at least a dozen Remington 760s/7600 going back to the 50s. In my younger reloading days, I shot 06 loads of 60 grs. of slow powder under 180 round nose bullets. Dumb stunt but nary a flutter. Now that I've matured a little, my deer rifle is a 7600P in 308 loaded to 30-30 levels to keep from tearing up these little white tails we have around here.

Not calling you out, but there are a lot of folks posting/lurking here who have extensive experience shooting, loading for, and customizing Rem. pumps who have never heard of such problems much less seen them. Give us a link please. Photos would be helpful.
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