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Posts: 174 I have to say OJ that's a great set of pics. I wish I had got into shooting at a younger age. Of course my childhood photos with a .22 would have consisted of parachute pants and and some Nike pumps... maybe a double tape deck boom box in the back ground for recording your favorite songs off the radio... but all the same none the less haha.

I also hope when its time for me to retire I will be able to sit on my porch with a firearm as pretty a that with a smile on my face. Seems you have it figured out haha.
Thanks for the kind words - my wife gave that Hi Grade Winchester 95 for our twenty fifth anniversary eight years ago -I admit to "helping" her find it - we husbands are obligated to help our wives any way we can.

I just clicked in on GA and - wow - there it was . I phoned the dealer in Flint Michigan and sealed the deal - for less than the price listed in my 1996 GD - new in box - unfired - with manual. Miroku made 8000 in 1995 as century models - half of them in Hi Grade My theory is it was part of the estate of a serious collector whose survivors just wanted a quick estate deal and had no idea of its value.

All my wife got for #25 was a little diamond ring and she still thinks she got the best of the deal - women - gotta love'em -

Yep - I admit to being happily retired with the world's best wife - I have other friends on the deck who share my snacks with me -

OJ -

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