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I like the ones I have on my dies, The threads are 7/8”X14, If I fretted over the lock nuts I could purchase from an industrial type store etc. And the part where the set screw messes up the threads, in the big inning there was a small piece of lead at the bottom of the hole under the set screw. Back to securing the die, I secure the die to the press with the lock nut, I do not secure the lock nut to the die, I adjust my die every time I install one.

After securing the die to the press with the lock ring I verify the adjustment, while securing the die to the press I hold the die to prevent it from turning while securing the lock nut.

I do have a rubber dampening ring on a few dies, not my favorite, they came with RCBS competition seating dies, the dampening is on the micro adjust head, others have the detent adjustment, my choice.

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