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Response to the Tom Givens cite (I know he hasn't directly posted here).

First: I believe in training; it's the responsible thing to do if you own/use anything with any complexity in design, function, or use. I believe in responsibility. There are a lot of great ideas in this thread.


Gee, Tom…

Too bad there's not something like "lane-side manner".

Way to alienate a whole bunch of people who might otherwise happily take a training class.

Labeling everyone who grew up around guns and has the temerity to mention it in your presence "…ignorant and stupid…" can be seen as…well, ignorant.

IGUAG and I have also received some training over the years. I'm sure I'm not as well trained as I would like to be; I'm not as well-trained as some would like me to be; I'm sure that I'm not trained well enough to even own a gun by some people's standards.


I am what I am. I will continue to seek training when I can do so. I will not willingly train with anyone who comes across as an elitist know-it-all with contempt for my level of ignorance (maybe, "inexperience" would be a more marketable term).

I don't know you, Tom, and you may be a really nice guy who really knows your stuff. However, based on your epistle cited in this thread, I would likely seek my training from someone who is less openly contemptuous of my inexperience.

Have a great day,


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