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I am getting a crisp line, about 1/16" above the top of the taper of case after resizing. It it's just a mark, I can not feel it with my fingernail. The die was bottomed out to the ram, and backed off 1/4 turn, should it be brought lower than this?
The answerer is in the details, the die adjusted to the shell holder and or below is full length sizing, an attempt to restore the case to minimum length. You have the die backed off 1/4 turn.

If there was anything outside of making ‘wildguestimates’ in fractions of a turn or degree converted to thousandths the reloader would make adjustments off the shell holder in thousandths. Basically what you have is an adjustment of about .016”, I have one rifle with a chamber that has .016” added to the length of the chamber, when I size cases for that chamber I adjust the die off the shell holder .014”, I know, if Redding made a shell holder with a .014” deck height I could spend $40.00 ++ for a set of competition shell holders, instead I use the feeler gage to adjust the die off the shell holder, Redding shell holders offer 5 options between .000 and +.010. The feeler gage gives me 10 options between .000” and .010”. BIG PLUS, I can go to .020” and all the sizes between.

What it amounts to is you are beyond neck sizing with the full length aizer and not quite down to full length sizing, I do that, but I know the length of the chamber before starting. Again, I am the fan of cutting down on all that case travel.

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