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I wish I had the kind of disposable income some of you guys seem to have to be a "hoarder". I buy my powder a pound at a time.

Gun stores are in a bit of a fix in times like this. There was a great post over on reddit by a gun store owner. The problem is that unless you are a huge gun store moving large amounts of product, when the supply chain tightens up it is very hard for them to get product. They are in line behind all the big boys.

As a result, they have to raise prices by a lot. Profit margins are normally very thin anyway. They have to make up for it on volume in order to keep the doors open. When the supply goes away there is no longer any way to make it up on volume. If you can only sell 2 ARs a week because that is all you can get, you have to make a lot more profit on those 2 guns to keep the doors open.

I try to support my local gun stores so that when I need something now I can drive down and get it. But I am a little annoyed with their pricing. I bought 2 boxes of .243 Winchester (40 rounds total) for $60 from JC's here in Huntsville. Then I found it for nearly half that at Walmart (one of the few boxes of ammo in the case, I might add). Likewise black powder is $26 a pound from JC's (the only local store that carries it), but I can order it from Back Creek Gun Shop in Winchester VA for $15 a pound. That's almost double the price.

I'm almost resigned to buying in bulk with the hazmat fee even though I can't really afford to buy in bulk quantities.

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