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Black Hills sells some excellent quality target ammo. They also sell some moderately priced ammo. You'll find the former at places to cater to target shooters and latter to those who cater to plinking ammo.

There isn't the demand for target ammo as there is for "plinking" ammo, so if you were running a business, you cater to what your customers want.

Creedmor Sports and such places cater to target shooters, therefore they are going to carry the higher priced target ammo.

Walmat caters to John Doe plinker who want cheaper ammo. So that's what they stock.

Look at 22 ammo. You have bulk 500 round packs and you have something like Ely. Ely is match ammo and is expensive, worth the price if you're an ISU shooter but not worth it if you're going to shoot beer cans. More people shoot beer cans (plinking) then shoot International Small Bore Matches, so that's what your LGS is gonna carry. No sense in tying up your inventory dollars in something you can't move.

Its not a conspiracy, its Business Management 101.
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