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Related: I've worked with a lot of people who "grew up around guns" and did not know a thing about self-defense. Or about safely handling guns, for that matter.

Here's an article from Tom Givens on that subject. He worded things more harshly than I would have, but I do agree with the premise -- which is that a lot of people simply do not know what they don't know, and thus are not as safe (or as prepared to protect themselves) as they think they are.

"Heck, I Grew Up Around Guns" by Tom Givens.

Originally Posted by Tom Givens

Not long ago, I was enjoying a steak dinner with several other full-time firearms instructors. We had two from Rangemaster, two from Gunsite, two from the American Institute of Marksmanship, and a couple of law enforcement firearms instructors from local agencies. During dinner, the topic came up, “What phrase really darkens your day when you hear it?” The unanimous answer was, “Heck, I grew up around guns.” (H,IGUAG)

This simple, six word sentence is guaranteed to cause dread among firearms trainers, and is usually the signal that a long, stressful, and frustrating day lies ahead.

Read the whole thing.

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