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Here are the candidates:

Auto Ordnance M1927/28 Thompson, .45ACP
USGI M1A1 Thompson, .45ACP
USGI M3/M3A1 Grease Gun, .45ACP
Commonwealth STEN, 9mmP
Nazi MP-38/MP-40, 9mmP
HK MP5 (entire line) 9mmP, .40, 10mm
IMI Uzi (Full size, mini, mirco) 9mmP
Smith & Wesson Model 76, 9mmP, .45ACP
Commonwealth Sterling, all models, 9mmP
ComBloc Shpagin Ppsh-41 "Burp Gun" 7.62x25mm
HK UMP (all models) 9mmP, .40, .45ACP
Ingram MAC-10/11, 9mmP, .380, .45ACP
Calico Submachine Guns 9mmP, .22LR
Izhmash Bizon-2, (Russia). 9x18mm, 9mmP, .380, 7.62x25mm
ComBlock Skorpion VZ-61 .32ACP

Or any others? My personal favorite is the classic Thompson, both the USGI and the "Gangster" versions.
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