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Originally Posted by Sevens
Your experience can help me decide if this product has a good market share, or if it's smoke & mirrors.
It doesn't have a big market share, and it is not smoke and mirrors. It is also not a conspiracy.

Black Hills is, essentially, a niche product. It's better quality than the Winchester USA you find in bulk packs at Wal-Mart (make that past tense!), and it's priced accordingly. Black Hills also doesn't have a fraction of Winchester's or Federal's production capacity. If they were funneling most of their production into freebies, obviously they wouldn't stay in business very long, so they are selling. But they aren't selling through large, high-volume distribution channels.

You're not likely to ever see it in Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart likes to dictate to the manufacturer wwhat the price is going to be. W-M nearly bankrupted the Rubbermaid company doing that several years ago. Black Hills will never be able to match the Wal-Mart price for a 100-round value pack of Winchester "white box," so why should they even try?

It's very high quality ammunition, available if you look for it, and worth its price.
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