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Should I Get My Redfield Scope Refurbished?

While at the last gun show, I came across an older model 3x9 Redfield with Duplex reticule. Pretty nice shape except for scuffed up adjustment knobs from years of having who-knows-what used as screwdrivers. Nostalgia got the better of me & using my cunning bargaining skills, I bought it for $45. LOL

I mounted it on my latest Win 70 .270 project rifle & it performed flawlessly. It even looks like a perfect match on the rifle. BUT as I already kinda expected, getting it out in the clear light of day, it seems a bit cloudy & amber. I didn't test it, but I'm sure it will fog up under cold hunting conditions.

Leupold bought Redfield & no longer supports the lifetime warranty but recommends Ironsites Inc to repair these scopes. They have a flat rate refurbish for $85 with a 12 mo to 14 mo lead time!!

Can anyone suggest another quicker place to get this scope repaired? Did I pretty much just mess-up buying this thing & should just cut my losses? Or spend the $85 to end up with a $130 older Redfield? Opinions welcome.

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