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Not another snubbie

Years ago I was looking for a home defense gun. I had just gotten married and as most people just starting out, I was pretty much broke. Anyway a friend told me of a gentleman that had some handguns to sell. I went to his house one night and he started showing me what was for sale. The very first gun he brought out was a 2.5" Colt Python. I remember that it was a beautiful blue and how smooth the action was. However I thought it looked kinda wierd being a large frame and short barrel (young and dumb). So I turned that one down. I can't believe I snubbed the snubbie. LOL. The next gun up was a 4" model 15 Smith with Hogue rubber grips. Probably the most common gun made. Of course I bought that one. It's time to right the wrong.
So fast forward to 2013 time frame. Pythons in the 2.5" range have become very desirable and very expensive. Naturally I need one. I bid on several on the GB site but they all quickly went past my limit. By this time I am getting a little disappointed but decide to look on the Colt forum where I am also a memeber. I see the one! A 1963 2.5" blue Python for sale. The price was more than I had intended to pay , but it had everything going for it. First year the 2.5" barrel was offered and in excellent condtition. So It is in transit now . These pictures are from the sellers add. What do you think!

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