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Re: Ruger LC9 Longevity?

I plan on picking up a pocket 9mm, and the Ruger is one of my top candidates... Overall, I have seen more positive reviews on it than negative. I can find horribly negative reviews on any make or model gun you care to name... as well as glowing positive reviews.
My history since childhood with Ruger firearms has been very positive, so I am inclined to give the LC9 the benefit of the doubt.
I own a Mark 1 centennial model (1976 manufacture, have owned since childhood), a SR9 and a SR1911. All have thousands of rounds through them and have been stellar.
It seems to me that in almost every industry you can get an occasional lemon. The key for me is to weigh out how many bad reviews vs good reviews. Also I feel that people who have bad experiences tend to be the most vocal. Most people who purchase something and it just plain works, never speak up about unless asked. They just continue quietly using it... it has met their expectations.
Sorry for the long post... I am trying to kill some time, waiting for someone!

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