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Obviously, it depends on the cartridge being used. A .223 Rem will shoot more rounds than, say a 300 Win Mag before the barrel is too hot to touch, which signals the start of being too hot and increased barrel erosion. It doesn't mean that it won't shoot to nearly the same POI, but it's likely to have wandered somewhat.

Accuracy of sporter weight barrels can be equal to heavy barrels, but probably not for longer strings, as in combat. A lot depends on the characteristics of the particular barrel, including internal stresses.

I have a sporter-weight, super match barrel on my pillar-bedded, Rem 700, .243 Win that shoots 5/8 MOA, but it's no more accurate than my box-stock, Tikka T3 Lite, in the same chambering. (It cost me the same to buy the Tikka as it did to have the Remington re-barreled, which took more than 3 months.)

This may not fully answer your question, but it's the best I can offer.
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