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There's an unmet need for a nonexpanding bullet that creates a large temporary cavity.

Société Française des Munitions' (SFM) concave (reverse) ogive THV bullet design looks like it was made on a lathe but could probably be cast or swaged without the tip.

The late Charlie Kelsey's "radially dynamic" Devel Bullet design with fluted ogive was sintered but could probably be hard cast or swaged with half jackets if you don't mind a little deformation on impact. Or it could possibly be machined like a Phillips screwdriver bit even onto factory FMJ. This design is much more likely to feed properly in semiautos.

The Krnka-Hebler tubular bullet design with a wad has been tried many times without much success. Theoretically it could greatly improve ballistics by reducing drag (there's a hole through it!) but the expense and loss of mass likely negates any advantages for anything smaller than a cannon.
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