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Wow, finish is thin, but the wood and metal are in really nice shape.

When the 1894 was introduced, it was intended to be rolled out with both the black powder .32-40 and .38-55 rounds as well as the smokeless .30-30 and .25-35 rounds.

Unfortunately, Winchester ran into issues getting enough smokeless powder to load the ammunition, so they had to delay the .30 and .25 rounds until late 1895.

The .32 and .38 rifles were built with the old, softer steel suitable for lead bullets and black powder.

If you want to shoot it, it is inadvisable to use jacketed bullets at all, and use only very light charges of smokeless powder, if any at all.

Winchester produced the two barrel steels for several years, but I think finally switched all production over to nickel steel around 1900.
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